Chandler Children's Choir

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The Chandler Children's Choir invites you to create a lasting musical legacy by making a donation to our music library. Patrons who sponsor a piece of music will have their individual or business name(s) listed in our database and in a program each time we perform the piece of music.

Sponsorships never expire, so your contribution to the music library is an investment in the music education of children for many years to come.

Music library sponsorship

We'd like to say a very special "thank you" to those who have sponsored songs from our library!
Would you like to see your name here? To sponsor a piece, please make your selection and donation through our secure, online Music Library Sponsorship Form.

Songs sponsored at the $50 level

  • "Hot Cup of Cocoa" - Dedicated to Faith Tapia
  • "Marienwürmchen" - Sponsored by Gator and Ashley Arp, Dedicated to Brisbynne and Reeghan Arp

Songs sponsored at the $100 level

Songs sponsored at the $150 level

  • "Ave Maria 2" - Sponsored by Linda Shanahan
  • "Mambo Italiano" - Sponsored by Linda Shanahan, dedicated to Joanie Johnston 
  • "Personent Hodie" - Sponsored by the Metz family, dedicated to Reagan and Chloe Metz

Songs sponsored at the $200 level

  • "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" - Sponsored by Dwight and Inez Kirscht
  • "Hush! Somebody's Calling My Name" - Sponsored by the Vallera family, dedicated to Hayley Vallera
  • "Snakes" - Sponsored by Alexis Steams
  • "Take These Wings" - Sponsored by Denise Norris in memory of Christopher Norris

Songs sponsored at the $250 level

Songs sponsored at the $300 level

Songs sponsored at the $350 level

Songs sponsored at the $400 level

  • "The Snow" - Sponsored by the Palmer family, dedicated to Hailey Palmer

Songs sponsored at the $450 level

  • "Over the Rainbow" - Sponsored by Doo Wop/Sun Lakes

Songs sponsored at the $500 level

  • "A Day in Spring" - Sponsored by Dr. David and Elizabeth Palmer, dedicated to Aimee Stewart
  • "Come to My Garden" - Sponsored in memory of Tiffany Davis Brock
  • "God Bless America" - Sponsored by Port Plastics, dedicated to Sydney Robinson
  • "Homeland" - Sponsored by Francis Muir
  • "Sing" - Sponsored by Ward and Lisa Andrews