Chandler Children's Choir

Choir Meets Mariachi!

Choir Meets Mariachi flyer - Si Si Si Choir Meets Mariachi Concert at Corona del Sol High School, 1001 E Knox Rd., Tempe, AZ 85284

We are so excited to partner with Mariachi Pasion for this free community concert! Please join us!

Two very different music groups will get together for a rare performance on February 26. The Chandler Children’s Choir (CCC), a choir of singers ranging in ages 7 to 18, will perform with Mariachi Pasión, a mariachi band of local women of varying ages and professions.

Aimee Stewart, artistic director and co-founder of CCC, is excited about the partnership. “The fusion of a children's choir with a mariachi band is probably something that has rarely been done before, but with our diverse community, we are anxious to try it!” she says.

According to Stewart, Issa Johnson, a CCC board member and past choir parent, also plays violin in Mariachi Pasión, and “has been instrumental in bridging the gap between languages, culture and musical styles as we prepare to perform together.”

“Putting the two together makes sense. Mariachi is an intergenerational experience: songs beloved by our grandparents are still appreciated by newer generations,” says Johnson. “I love that the Chandler Children's Choir and Mariachi Pasión are coming together for this concert. To me, the pairing is symbiotic and earthy.”

The free concert, ¡Sí! ¡Sí! ¡Sí! Choir Meets Mariachi, will feature the typical repertoire from each group as well as a few collaborative pieces. For example, the CCC regularly performs the state song, I Love You, Arizona. For this concert the song has been translated to Spanish and will be performed with Mariachi Pasion. When Stewart introduced the song at a recent rehearsal she said, “several of our singers brightened up because they also speak Spanish.”

Johnson indicated, “The musical arrangements will have the mariachi instrumentation at their core but are being kept to the simplicity of their origins so that the children's voices can highlight these tunes that have become timeless in our (Mexican) culture. We are preparing something very "Arizona" for the concert.”

The concert is sponsored by the City of Tempe’s Wavemaker Arts grant. The free event will be at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 26 at Corona del Sol High School.