Chandler Children's Choir

The CCC is a fabulous supplement to school choir or to any music training because of its repertoire focused on classics and its opportunities to perform with professional musicians in stunning venues.

**Our next round of new member auditions will be held Saturday, November 15, 2014 for entry into the choir beginning January 8, 2015. Children ages 7 - 14 are invited to audition.**

Contact us
now or call 480-699-9846 to schedule a free 15 minute audition. Auditions are by appointment only.

For the Audition: 

  1. Print and fill out an Audition Form to bring to the audition. 
  2. Please prepare to sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee."  If not, you can sing "Silent Night," or "You Are My Sunshine," or another song that you know well enough to sing without accompaniment. 
  3. The audition will last approximately 15 minutes and will focus on matching pitches, reproducing intervals and rhythm.  Vocal range will also be assessed.   

No previous experience necessary!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have an 8 year old. How developed does my child's singing need to be to be a part of the CCC?
Answer: For the Junior Choir (ages 7-10), there is no experience necessary. We actually prefer that voice lessons are not given to our young singers. We want them to come with a natural, pure, child-like singing voice.

Question: The notion of an audition makes my singer (and me) a bit nervous. What goes on in the audition?
Answer: The word "audition" sounds scary, but the audition really isn't. We hold auditions so we can have a chance to meet one-on-one with the singer and parents and we do a very wide assessment of their voice to get a feel of where they are, in terms of note-reading, ear training, rhythm, and range. For our very young singers, we help them through every step, so it really becomes a mini-music lesson, and it teaches them what they will be learning throughout the year. The minimum requirement for the Junior Choir is that the singer can match pitch (if I sing a note, they can sing the same note with me). In our Junior Choir our goals are to help the kids extend their range, learn to sing with a beautiful tone, start to read music, learn the beginnings of solfege, and expose them to a wide variety of age-appropriate music. At the end of the choir season, we assess each singer again so we can show singers and parents how much they learned throughout their year at choir.

Question: I was looking at your website, but noticed the choirs don't start until age 7. Do you have any advice on where to go or what to do for my 4-year-old who loves to sing?
Answer: Yes! I have lots of ideas for young children who love to sing!
  • Join a local church children's choir
  • Find a pre-school that uses lots of music and singing everyday
  • Expose your child to concerts in many forms - theater, symphony, choir, dance, - so she/he can watch and be inspired by performances.
  • Start your little one in piano lessons. This is probably the fastest way to get a young budding musician to learn and grow. It is an amazing base for any other musical endeavor, and it is physically easy to play, so you can start at a very young age. Encourage your child sing with the piano when they practice - this will help him/her practice matching pitch with an instrument. Piano is also the best way to start learning to read music. Word of mouth is the best way to find a good piano teacher.
  • Bring your family to our concerts so they can see what our group is about! Children can audition for the fall semester when they turn 7 before August 31st and for our spring semester if they are age 7 before January 31st. They can participate in our extremely fun annual summer camp when they are 6, which will introduce them to many of the other children in choir as well as our directors and staff.
  • And finally - sing at home! With mom, dad, siblings, or friends - just sing, sing sing!
“Calling all children who love to sing!”
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Audition Location:

Arizona Music Academy
1700 E. Elliot Rd. #11
Tempe, AZ 85284
(Northwest corner of Elliot and
McClintock) ~ 480-699-9846

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