Chandler Children's Choir


Chandler Children's Choir would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of parents and highly skilled personnel who work together to make CCC an organization your child can be proud to perform with each season. Please feel free to contact us at (480) 699.9846.

Artistic Staff

Aimee Stewart
Artistic Director
Ext: 702
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Anna Volodarskaya
Junior Choir Conductor
Ext: 707
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Herbert Washington
Encore Assistant Conductor, Sight Singing
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Dr. Jeremy Peterman

Dr. Andrew Campbell
Encore Accompanist

Jenni Layton
Special Engagement Choir Conductor
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Rebekah Osborne
Jr. Sight Singing

Elise Kurbat
Cantus Sight Singing

Rachel Karas
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Ashley Arp
Executive Director
Ext: 701
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Adam Stewart
Ext: 700
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Tricia Lister
TEMPO President
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Melanie Hunter
Auditions Coordinator
Ext: 704
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Ashley Whipple
Choir Manager
Ext: 703
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Anna Nolan
Social Media/Marketing Specialist
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Megan Jurado
Encore Info Desk

Eric Layton
Lead Rehearsal Assistant